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Quantum Ltd is a member of Ecogroup Global, an international group active in Construction and Building Solutions. We work methodically to provide solutions to all HVAC challenges. You will find the general catalogues for our solutions below, for more specialised solutions, please don't hesitate to contact our offices.

We work with many world-leading specialists to ensure our solutions are the most cost-effective, most-functional and most-sustainable.


Quantum specialises in high-technical HVAC solutions to support complex residential and commercial projects. We partner with world-renowned experts to continuously deliver top-quality products with the most innovative-engineered designs.


Over the last decade, we have became a household name for quality, proficiency and professionalism. Our clients entrust their HVAC needs to us and we always deliver. We are proud to continuously support our clients at each and every project. Explore to find more about our services.

With a vast amount of projects implementation and expertise, Quantum excels in project services. We offer the complete package from site survey to implementations. Our engineers are trained in various facilities around the world: Turkey, China and Europe.