Suitable for hotels, high-rise residential buildings, offices and hospitals, our solutions excel in made-quality and performance. It’s designed to last, we provide systems suitable for commercial and industrial applications as well as specialised settings like hospitals, large malls, schools and universities.


Our Air-Cooled Chillers are available in Class A Energy with extended operating limits and integrated master/slave control.Available from 270kW to 1,600kW

SCREW Compressor

SCROLL Compressor

From 270kW to 1,600kW


Available in high-efficiency and integrated master / slave controlWater-Cooled Screw & Scroll Chillers from 15kW to 1,630kWFree-Standing Chillers from 170kW to 1,200kW

SCREW Compressor

SCROLL Compressor

From 170kW to 1,200kW


Over the last decade, we have became a household name for quality, proficiency and professionalism. Our clients entrust their HVAC needs to us and we always deliver. We are proud to continuously support our clients at each and every project. Explore to find more about our services.

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