Underfloor Heating

As one of the leading experts in underfloor heating, Quantum has a wealth of experience in delivering solutions for modern residential and commercial settings. Our systems benefit from effective engineering and smart systems, allowing for maximum comfort at minimal operational cost.
Radiant Floor Heating System is an effective solution for large spaces heating. It's convenient, space-saving and provide a great level of comfort for the occupants. Popular applications included: offices, factories, schools - educational establishments and religious establishments.


Underfloor heating system is highly favoured for modern buildings due to the concealed designed. In addition to this, underfloor heating also offers:High level of comfort – easy to control and regulate the temperature to the required levelEven heat distribution – underfloor heating system provides complete even heat distribution throughout the whole piping network.Less heat wastage – underfloor heating system allows for the less of heat wastageDesign freedom – as all the piping network is under the floor, this frees the space above for luxurious designs
We offer HVAC design and engineering for many bespoke systems such as Chillers System, VRF or VRV System, Gas-Driven System, Radiant Underfloor Cooling & Heating Systems. At Quantum, we focus on delivering effective HVAC design at economical cost. Our engineers are trained in various world-wide facilities.


Over the last decade, we have became a household name for quality, proficiency and professionalism. Our clients entrust their HVAC needs to us and we always deliver. We are proud to continuously support our clients at each and every project. Explore to find more about our services.

With a vast amount of projects implementation and expertise, Quantum - as a member of Ecogroup Global - excels in project services. We offer the complete package from site survey to implementations. Our engineers are trained in various facilities around the world: Turkey, China and Europe.