Underfloor Cooling

Underfloor cooling is an effective and efficient method of cooling for hot climates. Utilising radiation, convection and evaporation, underfloor cooling process requires a ground source heat pump, an air source heat pump, or a chiller to pass chilled water through the underground pipe network.

Benefits of Underfloor Cooling

Underfloor cooling system is favoured by luxury homeowners and commercial clients due to the concealed designed. In addition to this, underfloor cooling also offers:High level of comfort – easy to control and regulate the temperature to the required levelNo draughts – reduces the temperature of the room with radiation, resulting in better air quality, less pollution and no draughts that often associated with traditional air conditioning.Low investment costs – the cost of installing a cooling system is very economical when combining with the existing pipe network of underfloor heating.Environmental benefit – underfloor cooling systems mostly work with a ground or air source pump, which much more environmentally friendlyDesign freedom – as all the piping network is under the floor, this frees the space above for luxurious designs


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