Condensing Units

Ideal for educational establishments, large halls, warehouses & factories, Condensing Units deliver solutions for heavy-duty conditioned spaces.

We have implemented Condensing Units in demanding air-conditioned projects such as sports facilities, schools and factories. For more information about how to incorporate Condensing Units into your projects, please consult our engineering team. We are happy to provide HVAC design services, allowing you to select the right system to support your buildings need.

Air cooled condensing units are ideal for warehouses, large halls, schools, mosques, or wherever the requirement is for a heavy duty unit incorporated with various solutions of compressors (hermetic scroll, hermetic reciprocating and semi-hermetic reciprocating) and refrigerants.Air cooled condensing units are available in wide capacity, ranging from 5 TR to 145 TR (50 Hz & 60 Hz).

Condensing Units

+ Capacity Range from 5kW to 636kW+ With Scroll Compressors+ R134a or R410a Refrigerant+ Axial or Centrifugal Fans+ Engineered with Best Technology

From 5kW to 636kW

R134a or R410a

Scroll Compressors


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