Combi Gas Boilers

Quantum offers a wide range of Combi Boilers, available in compact designs, our units are most suitable for residential settings. We offer HVAC design and engineering for many bespoke systems such as Chillers System, VRF or VRV System, Gas-Driven System, Radiant Underfloor Cooling & Heating Systems. Contact us for further consultation on your projects.


Available in 3 modelsHigh Efficiency at 93%
Benefitting from high-efficiency and energy-saving, our combi boilers units are engineered with double heat exchanger system, suitable for natural gas or LPG, with 13 difference safety system for appliance protection. Other notable benefits included: easy to use LCD, modern design and aesthetic.

Condensing Combi Boilers

Available in 5 models
Our Condensing Combi Boilers offer high-performance, manufactured with advanced technology to include high-fuel saving feature with efficiency up to 108%. The models are compatible with solar energy and able to operate with boilers, outdoor sensors and room thermostats.


Over the last decade, we have became a household name for quality, proficiency and professionalism. Our clients entrust their HVAC needs to us and we always deliver. We are proud to continuously support our clients at each and every project. Explore to find more about our services.

With a vast amount of projects implementation and expertise, Quantum - as a member of Ecogroup Global - excels in project services. We offer the complete package from site survey to implementations. Our engineers are trained in various facilities around the world: Turkey, China and Europe.